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Category: Paleo Tips

post6 720x340 520x245 - Paleo Diet for Athletes

Paleo Diet for Athletes

Athletes looking for a way to maximize their training results may have heard of the Paleo Diet for Athletes. While misunderstanding abounds, the Paleo...

post5 720x340 520x245 - Paleo Friendly Desserts

Paleo Friendly Desserts

One of the biggest stumbling blocks with the Paleo Diet plan is desserts. Most desserts have unnatural sweeteners and starchy carbs that spike insulin...

post4 720x340 520x245 - Tips for the Paleo Lifestyle

Tips for the Paleo Lifestyle

Unfortunately, the cheapest and quickest foods available today are usually the least nutritious. Our busy lifestyles have our kids raised on a diet of...

post3 720x340 520x245 - Diet Basics

Diet Basics

People assume the Paleo Diet is complicated are difficult to follow. It is actually quite simple. Eat real foods. For a guideline on portions,...